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F&I Management - August 9th - 2 Day

Our F&I Management training course can help take your F&I performance to the next level. This 2 day session is designed to provide high level training for those that need a better understanding or a refresher of the overall F&I Management process. You can expect to walk away from the course with a general or renewed understanding of F&I Management fundamentals.

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  • Identify different communication styles and be given tools to assist

  • Define role specific activities and tasks

  • Develop relationships and improve their network

  • Effectively build and present a menu tailored to the customer 
  • Identify tools for resolving concerns and overcoming objections

  • Demonstrate effective and impactful ways to earn business

When & Where

August 9th & 10th 2022, 8am - 5pm PT

The Westin Sacramento
4800 Riverside Boulevard Sacramento, CA 95822 (916) 443-8400


The Art and Science of Selling 

Customer Interview

Menu Presentation

Resolving Concerns

Closing Techniques

And much more!